Why are we changing our name?

Our name suggests we address “Human Trafficking” but we do more than that! We want our name to reflect our full range of work. Modern Slavery is now the umbrella term for the range of slavery-like crimes including human trafficking. We are also a bit over needing to explain the spelling!

We will be using the same logo we. launched last year but just changing the name.

What are we doing?

We are catalysing a movement to a slavery-free world through

  • convening of conversations which focus on the future we are seeking to build

  • building of resources which grow awareness and motivate action

  • sharing of responsibility in co-designing a slavery free world

We do this through engaging with consumers, business, government, activists, media, academics and community and NGO partners and members

What do we want our new name to be like?

  1. We want to be able to immediately tell from the name what we do

  2. The name should focus on the issue and not our organisation

  3. The name shouldn’t imply we are the sole solvers of the problem but partners with other

  4. The needs to be a name that ‘victims’ and ‘survivors’ can see their place in the mission of prevention

  5. We are not looking for an acronym

  6. No strange spelling or use of capital letters

  7. Probably 3 or less words

The Top So far In alphabetical oder

1.    Be Slavery Free

2.    End Slavery Australia

3.    Free for All

4.    Freedom for All

5. In Plain Sight

6.  Just Freedom

7. Make Slavery History

8. Not on My Watch

9. Release

10. Slavery Free

And some to whet your creativity

Screenshot 2019-08-05 18.10.02.png