There are so many sad, bad stories!

There are so many sad, bad stories! Everyone we have met with tells that it exists and that some attempts are being made to do something about it.

There is scepticism amongst many that it will only be a superficial attempt at change. Corruption is the key dynamic. Human trafficking and forced labour is in the Prawn peeling factories, the fishing boats for the fishmeal for the prawn farms particularly and is widespread. We met with Thai Union – the largest canner of Tuna and producer of prawns in the world – who have called all processing in-house and are trying to do something about their sourcing boats and educate people coming to Thailand about official ways to migrate. Some of these boats go out to sea for 6-12 months at a time and others are known to have stayed out for 3-5 years. Stories of deckhands being thrown overboard in open sea are prevalent and people (mainly boys or men) are abused and have freedom rights taken from them.

Kate Bennett (one of our board members at STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia) has been presenting on our behalf at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit (The World’s Premier conference in Seafood Sustainability) in Malta. She says so many people know the human trafficking occurs but hardly any one knows what to do about it. They have been so interested that STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia has started campaigning and want to know what we are going to do.

Let’s be a part of pioneering a response to human trafficking and prevent, disrupt and abolish it in the Fishing and Prawn areas in Thailand and South East Asia. Sign our petition to the Federal Minister For Justice The Honorable Michael Keenan MP to introduce legislation requiring businesses to publicly disclose the actions they are taking to insure their goods are free from slavery, human trafficking and forced labour. On the petition page you can press the button to pass it on to your Facebook Friends.

Fuzz Kitto STOP THE TRAFFIK Australian Coalition Directors