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Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero is a fundraising platform that has events across Australia you can participate in and ask your friends to donate to STOP THE TRAFFIK. Upcoming events:

You can enter a marathon or fun run and walk or run to show your support and raise funds. All you need to do is enter the event. Once you have registered you just follow the fundraising links and select STOP THE TRAFFIK as your charity.

Or you can do you own thing. 

You can also organise your own event. Start by going to Everyday Hero and create your own fund-raising page. Choose STOP THE TRAFFIK as the charity you wish to support.

You can then share this event with your friends, family and colleagues and invite them to sponsor you.

To read more about STOP THE TRAFFIK's fundraising,
download our policy document here.

At the moment we are not processing any new volunteer applications. You can still complete the form if you wish but you will not be responded to until the new year.

We have a fantastic team of volunteers at STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia.

You don’t have to live in Australia to volunteer with us. 

Whether you love researching topics, enjoy writing, have a particular knack with Excel and databases, can design graphics, take photos or film, enjoy running events, or would just enjoy helping wherever needed please get in touch with us.

 All our volunteers need to be self-starters. We work with each volunteer to develop a position description which makes it very clear what the tasks are they will undertake, their accountability and the level of supervision or support STOP THE TRAFFIK is able to provide. 

We like our volunteers to be able to provide an average of 4 hours a week for a minimum of 6 months which may be spread out over several months or done in a block of time. The time we need to invest in making a volunteer position successful means we need this minimum commitment.

Because we receive so many requests for volunteer positions we would ask that you complete the form on the right to help us develop the best possible volunteering experience for you.

Please note: 

We may not have the capacity to supervise people for internships or placements which may be necessary for a course of study.

We can however often help with topics for essays or thesis which can serve the dual purpose of completing a course of study and providing STOP THE TRAFFIK with research or material we can use in our mission to prevent, disrupt and abolish human trafficking.

We are not a service provider and do not work directly with trafficked persons. If you are interested in volunteering with service providers please look at our Coalition page and contact our members who are service providers .

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