UTZ welcomes the Stop the Traffik report ‘A Matter of Taste’ published March 2016. The report examines how well the certification systems of UTZ, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance work, what they actually achieve and how the three differ when it comes to the elimination of forced, child and trafficked labour.

Our program works towards a world where sustainable agricultural production and sourcing is the norm; without any mistreatment of children or workers, corruption or other social abuse. The report shows The UTZ system is indeed effective in prevention, identification and remediation of human trafficking; UTZ has excellent codes of practice and policy aligning with United Nations’ Protocols and International Standards.

Although steps have been taken to tackle the issues mentioned in the report, we are not there yet. Up to now, we have focused on making the markets work for sustainability and bringing the UTZ certification approach to scale. With our bigger market share comes a stronger reputation and a bigger network, which can be used to influence the sector agenda towards sustainability. UTZ therefore works with civil society, governments and business to tackle issues that require a sector wide approach to create lasting change.
— UTZ // www.utz.org