India Trip (Jan 2019)

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India Trip (Jan 2019)


4We have much to learn through India. India is the world’s epicentre of human trafficking and modern slavery. It will not be ended until it ends in India.

Our trip takes us through the chaos and charm of the streets, slums and red light districts of Mumbai. You will experience the contradictory tranquility of tea gardens in Assam where traffickers operate. You will engage in the dire situation of over 300 million Dalit and Tribal groups who are most susceptible to being trafficked and modern forms of slavery in a visit to Hyderabad.

Fast Facts

Dates:  Sunday 10 January -  Thursday 24 January 2019, 12 days and 11 nights

  • Trip Costs: AUD$2,995 (Including Registration fees, Excluding external travel)

  • Registration fee: AUD$250 on registration (which may not be refundable) and a further AUD$750 immediately after your application is accepted

  • Fundraising target: AUD$1,000 in addition to trip costs.

  • Accommodation: 2–3.5 star hotels, hostels and guest houses

  • Minimum age: 18 years

  • For registrations after 30 November a 15% surcharge applies

    To receive an information sheet please email Carolyn Kitto 


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