Bangladesh Fashion Field Trip


Bangladesh Fashion Field Trip


India? Bangladesh? Both?! Join us as we investigate what really goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry.
Too often issues of labour abuses go undetected in the processes used for auditing and compliance.

These trips offer a ‘360’ view of how to tackle human trafficking and labour exploitation which includes and goes beyond auditing and compliance.

Join Carolyn Kitto, Colleen Theron and Gershon Nimbalker to Bangladesh in June 2017.

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The trips include:-

·       Interaction with Employers on compliance and supply chain management to explore the issues of traceability and understand employer issues

·       Meeting with victims and survivors to understand their experiences and the impact on their lives

·       Visits to home workers and cooperatives to understand their contribution to the industry

·       Meeting with Trade Unions to understand the role of trade unions in the textile sector and the participation of women workers in trade union activities and

·       Visit to training centres which are seeking to empower women and girls and other initiatives to support workers

·       Engagement with NGO’s and community based organisations addressing issues in the textile sector

·       Sharing expertise on transparency in supply chain challenges and best practice social auditing

·       Exploring the limitations and strengths of codes of conduct and other contractual and legal requirements

With colleagues, professionals and peers with the same agenda as you – seeking to build a fashion industry free from human trafficking and labour abuses.