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Sexual exploitation has occurred when a person has been forced or tricked into providing services of a sexual nature.

In addition to the indicators for forced labour, the following signs may be present in offences of sexual exploitation:

  • Has the person been forced into providing services of a sexual nature?
  • Has the person been moved from another country or state to provide sexual services?
  • Is the person under the age of 18?
  • Has the person experienced abuse such as abduction, assault or rape?  

 If you or someone you know is experiencing one or more of these signs, and/or suspect that a person is experiencing sexual exploitation, consider a referral to Project Respect

If you or a person you know is in immediate danger, call 000.

Case study:

Ji-min was lured from Korea to Australia by a ‘recruiter’, who promised her a secure and well-paid job as a karaoke singer and dancer. Ji-min’s sponsors paid for her flight and for her apartment, which Ji-min shared with five other women. On her first day of work, Ji-min found herself in a brothel. Her recruiters told her that she owed more than $8,000 in travel and accommodation costs and that she was required to provide sexual services in order to pay the debt. Read more about Ji-min’s story, and how the Salvation Army assisted Ji-min here.

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