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Australian companies of a certain size (gross turnover>$100m) are now required to make a Modern Slavery Statement to the Commonwealth Government.  In the state of NSW, entities with at least one employee and a global turnover > $50million are required to report to the NSW State Government. The function of a Modern Slavery Statement is to end modern slavery and reduce criminal activity that can:

  • Infiltrate your supply chain

  • Destroy lives and hope itself

  • Jeopardise the worth of your corporate citizenship

Our pragmatism, passion and people can help end modern slavery

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Gershon Nimbalker

Director of Business Engagement – STOP THE TRAFFIK

Gershon Nimbalker has been the creator and lead author of the Ethical Fashion Report and the Ethical Electronics Guide, world leading research that bench-marked the practices of corporations around the world to mitigate the risk of slavery and exploitation.

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Katheryn Curnow

Katheryn has over 12 years’ experience in organisational development and specialist Diversity and Inclusion consultancy. She is recognised for her skills in leadership development, coaching, and facilitation. She brings deep experience culture change and stakeholder engagement and insights and expertise for innovative and pragmatic solutions.