STOP THE TRAFFIK welcomes the release of the report “Hidden in Plain Sight - An inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia”. The report adopts a human rights approach, which we support.

Hidden in Plain Sight addresses the multifaceted nature of modern slavery crimes. Tackling its wide-ranging nature requires all key aspects of the report being picked up in the proposed legislation. Should all the recommendations be adopted it will have enormously positive impacts on the lives and destinies of potentially millions of people working in the supply chains in the Indo-Pacific region including Australia. It will also provide better options and outcomes for people at risk of being coerced into conditions of modern slavery and support for victims of the same crimes.  

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What the Political Parties are Saying

We acknowledge that, for the parties, their responses are a “work-in-progress” and these commitments may change. We also acknowledge these are our interpretation of the commitments of the parties.

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