Mars is committed to 100% certification of its cocoa bean supply chain by 2020 as its primary sustainability endeavour. In addition, Mars is investing in local community development through its Vision for Change (V4C) programme, which has a strong emphasis on gender empowerment.

Mars acknowledges that through a programme of its own it cannot reach every farmer in the supply chain. Thus their hope with certification is that it can ‘reach further down the supply chain than we could on our own.’


1. 50% of Mars chocolate is currently certified. Committed to 100% certification by 2020.

2. Aiming for community ownership of Child Labour Monitoring Systems.

3. Strong emphasis on empowering female farmers. Mars has published an external impact report on Vision for Change’s gender empowerment programme.



1. Lack of transparency regarding origins of cocoa beans supply and premiums paid to farmers.

2. No publicly available reports on the impact of Vision for Change’s community development or child labour strategies.

3. Vision for Change started as a pilot project in 2010. Mars Chocolate has only recently started to incorporate Vision for Change farmers into their supply chain.


For more information on Mars initiatives see the full report at: