Rather than going down the certification route, Lindt & Sprüngli have opted for company control of their entire supply chain, from farm to factory. Lindt & Sprüngli have devised their own verification framework which monitors child labour on farms and adherence to the company’s standards of best practice. It is externally verified by The Forest Trust.

In 2008 they established the Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Program which aims to improve cocoa yields while also focusing on agricultural and community development to encourage farmers to continue farming cocoa in the future. The goal is to foster pride in, and ultimately local ownership of, the development programme.


1. 100% of cocoa bean supply chain is traced and externally verified by The Forest Trust.

2. Community participation in the development of the programme.

3. 100% of cocoa farms are visited and monitored on an annual basis.


1. Child labour monitoring is via 250 Lindt & Sprüngli field agents rather than a community based system.

2. No published impact reports.

3. The social side of their Farming Program still needs to expand.

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