Hershey has embraced verified voluntary best practice through certification, having committed to 100% certification by 2020. 50% of their current cocoa bean supply is certified. The aim for 2017 is 75%. They are also moving towards adopting a community-based approach, through their Learn to Grow programme.

Learn to Grow is a farmer training programme that aims to increase productivity and improve farmer livelihoods. In 2015, 31,102 farmers across 464 cocoa communities took part in Learn to Grown — 16% of those farmers were women.


1. Have committed to 100% certification by 2020.

2. Moving towards community development initiatives and encouraging community participation in determining the direction of local development.

3. 16% of those engaged in the ‘Learn to Grow’ farmer training programme are women



1. Lack of transparency regarding supply chain, such as the value of premiums paid to farmers.

2. Limited public information available on their West African initiatives.

3. Having newly embraced community development, Hershey has a long way to go to reach all cocoa farmers they source from.


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