Ferrero has committed to 100% certification of their cocoa supply by 2020 as the necessary baseline of sustainability.9 Through its partnership with Fairtrade, Ferrero has committed to the development of cocoa growing communities in Côte d’Ivoire. Child protection is one of the main focuses across their community development work.

In Ghana, Ferrero has also developed the Ferrero Cocoa Community Commitment (F3C) which aims to improve farmer productivity and improve social conditions.


1. Committed to 100% certification of cocoa and cane sugar by 2020.

2. Partnered with the Ghanaian government to develop a context specific strategy to combatting child labour on Ghanaian cocoa farms.

3. Publicly categorise Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana as areas of high risk for Worst Forms of Child Labour. 



1. Limited emphasis on community or social development.

2. Progress is conveyed mainly through the percentage of certified cocoa purchased rather than via monitoring and evaluation of programme impact and outcomes.

3. No publicly available impact reports on Ferrero Farming Values programme.

4. Ferrero does not use certification logos on their products and therefore provide no point of sale communication to consumers about the steps they are taking. 


For more information on Ferrero’s  initiatives see the full report at: