how do we know ouR clothes are traffik-free?

Most retailers and fashion labels either don't know where they buy their cotton from or choose not to make that information public. This isn't good enough.

We want to be able to choose #traffikfree and help change the lives of the women and girls trapped in this scheme. We want to ensure that suppliers who treat their workers well are on a level playing field.

Consumers have the power to influence Change...

As consumers we have a powerful voice, we can use it to urge companies to change their behaviour so that they can tell us that the clothes we are buying are free from harm, abuse and are #traffikfree. Your voice is vital in helping to achieve change! We know the brands and retailers will only listen and change when we join together with out collective voices and take action.

Help us end the exploitation and human trafficking of workers and join our campaign to #makefasiontraffikfree.


The Make Fashion Traffik Free Protocol is a commitment to ensure the following criteria are adhered to by a retailer or fashion label’s suppliers with the intention of eliminating human trafficking within their business. 

They make a 5 year commitment to:

  • Tracing all suppliers back to the sourcing of the raw material
  • Ensuring there is no trafficked labour in their supply chain through means such as suppliers codes of conduct
  • Ensuring a robust social compliance program is place and the worker voice is included
  • Public reporting