Join us this Easter to make a difference in the lives of children and young people on cocoa farms in West Africa. 

For ten years we have been asking chocolate companies and stores to take action in their supply chain to prevent and end the trafficking of children to produce the cocoa that ends up in our chocolate. Things are improving but we are nowhere near where we need to be yet! 

This is a unique report

'A Matter of Taste' examines what the six biggest chocolate companies and the three certifiers are doing to prevent and end human trafficking and child labour in the cocoa farms of West Africa. Never before have these questions been asked or the businesses compared on what they are doing.

What Mondelez (Cadbury) says ..

Mondelēz International welcomes the release of the report ‘A Matter of Taste’ and the visibility it brings to the critical issue of child labor as well as to the significant progress achieved towards making the cocoa supply chain sustainable. Our $400 million Cocoa Life program invests directly in cocoa communities and has already reached 92,000 farmers. We are pleased that Stop The Traffik recognizes that Cocoa Life tackles the root causes of child labor and adopts a community-led development approach. We value our ongoing dialogue with Stop The Traffik and will continue to seek their opinion as we strengthen our approach to tackling child labor based on recommendations from human rights consultancy Embode.

For the last three years we have been communicating with Australian chocolate companies and retailers asking them to set 2020 targets for addressing human trafficking and child labour in the chocolate supply chain. Here is the progress we have made.

Since 2009, STOP THE TRAFFIK has been asking Darrell Lea to take steps in relation to its chocolate supply chains, to ensure child labour and human trafficking are addressed. Send them a postcard asking them to publicly state the policy and practices that will contribute to ending human trafficking. 

Tweet "Thank you for traffik-free chocolate #stopthetraffik RT" to .@ALDIAustralia, .@Coles, .@haighs1915, .@Targetaus .@woolworths . Aldi and Haigh's were first to provide a fully certified Easter range. Now Coles, Kmart, Target, Big W and Woolworth's have both made commitments to have their in-house label chocolate certified by 2020 or earlier. Order cards to take to stores where you find certified chocolate.

These school lessons are aimed at children 11-14 years old, and contain lessons on Slavery and Human Trafficking

Join our Thunderclap Tweet and Facebook message to Darrell Lea. A Thunderclap amplifies a social media message by posting on people's page simultaneously. Our message is “Darrell Lea please ensure child labour and human trafficking are addressed in your chocolate. RT and share."

Have the fun of running an Easter Egg hunt Not only will there be some #stopthetraffik #chocolate for everyone but you will learn about how to end child labour and trafficking.

This delightful card designed by Mikyla Rhind is for the children in your life. Share with them why children should always come first.