We are delighted to receive the following from Tim York, CEO of Darrell Lea.

I’m pleased to announce that at our inaugural board meeting last month, the board has unanimously voted to make Darrell Lea’s cocoa procurement 100% sustainable

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Cut and paste this message into the box below or write your own Dear Mr York, Thank you for Darrell Lea's commitment to procure 100% sustainable cocoa. I preference purchasing chocolate from companies who are actively taking steps to end human trafficking. Thank you for taking this step. It has the potential to change the lives of millions of children in West Africa. I look forward to eating your chocolate knowing not only does it taste good but it is doing good as well. Together we can STOP THE TRAFFIK,

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This is a unique report

'A Matter of Taste' examines what the six biggest chocolate companies, boutique company Tony's Choclonely, the three certifiers and three producer companies are doing to prevent and end human trafficking and child labour in the cocoa farms of West Africa. Never before have these questions been asked.

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