Cadbury (Modelez) has the Cocoa Life Program works to brings change at the farm level in a number of areas. They have recently announced the use of the Cocoa Life logo to indicate chocolate products which have been independently verified

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STOP THE TRAFFIK has been seeking a meeting with Darrell Lea since 2012 without success.

Order postcards addressed to Klark Quinn, CEO of Australian company, Darrell Lea and ask him to take steps to remove the secret ingredient of human trafficking from Darrell Lea's chocolate products.


Ferrero has pledged to certify 100% of its cocoa as sustainably produced by 2020 however they have not agreed to place certification logos on their products.

In 2014, Ferrero sourced 40% of its cocoa under independently certified schemes.


Haigh's has made a commitment to have 100% ethically sourced cocoa by 2018. They currently have 80% of their products using UTZ certified cocoa.

Their 2016 Easter range is 100% UTZ Certified.


Lindt has made a commitment to 100% ethically sourced cocoa by 2020. With its Cocoa Farming Program, Lindt & Sprüngli is committed to improving the challenging living and working conditions of the farmers in Ghana.

Lindt has an undisclosed current percentage of ethically sourced cocoa.



Mars has pledged to certify 100% of its cocoa as sustainably produced by 2020. In 2011 it sourced 10% of its cocoa from certified sources and it stated it was on course to reach 20% by the end of 2012.

Several Mars products are 100% certified including Mars Bars, Dove and Magnum certified by Rainforest Alliance.


Nestle have committed to and achieved 100% ethically sourced cocoa. Nestle's Cocoa Plan aims to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and the quality of their products.

100% of Australian and New Zealand manufactured chocolate bars and beverage Milo are certified with UTZ.