4 steps for you to take to help living income become reality and to prevent human trafficking




Send A Postcard 

Ask the big chocolate companies and cocoa producers to uphold a living income for cocoa farmers.


Say Thank You

Retailers have increased the certified chocolate products this year. Order some Thank You Cards and take them to your local store. Click the logos to read about the commitments



Find "Good Chocolate"

Help other chocolate consumers buy “good chocolate” and have some fun by getting points for finding “traffik-free” chocolate products.

Our website allows you to upload where you find good chocolate and map it so others know. 



Offset Your Consumption

For a cocoa farmer to get close to a living income, a 100gms of dairy milk chocolate would cost about A$0.12 more. An average Australian chocolate consumer would need to pay $60 more per year for their chocolate so a cocoa farmer can get close to earning a living income. We are asking you to donate this amount to STOP THE TRAFFK as your chocolate offset. We will use your donation to campaign with chocolate companies and chocolate producers to raise farmer’s income.