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India Insight

We have much to learn through India. India is the world’s epicentre of human trafficking and modern slavery. It will not be ended until it ends in India.

Our trip takes us through the chaos and charm of the streets, slums and red light districts of Mumbai. You will experience the contradictory tranquility of tea gardens in Assam where traffickers operate. You will engage in the dire situation of over 300 million Dalit and Tribal groups who are most susceptible to being trafficked and modern forms of slavery in a visit to Hyderabad.


Sunday 7 - Thursday 18 January, 2018

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eyes wide open

The Mekong region of the world sees massive movement of people across borders. With this movement human trafficking thrives. 

Our trip takes us through the hassle and bustle of Phnom Penh where we will meet NGO's working in effectively preventing human trafficking. From here we will weekend in the Siem Reap and visit the tranquil Angkor Wat. The on to Thailand which is a destination country with a fast developing middle economy and an appetite for cheap labour. It promises fortune and future to migrant workers from surrounding countries but the reality is quite different.


Sunday 28 January -  Thursday 8 February 2018,