STOP THE TRAFFIK Australia is led by a coalition of Non-Government, Community and other organisations working together against trafficking in Australia
And around the world.


Human trafficking is a violation of a person’s human rights (Article 4, Universal Declaration of Human Rights). STOP THE TRAFFIK in Australia exists to prevent the physical, emotional and sexual abuse and harm done by human trafficking. We seek to prevent trafficking by engaging in:


We shine a light on the crime of human trafficking. We equip people to understand what trafficking is, how it affects them and what they can do about it. We empower individuals to take action to prevent trafficking in their communities. We raise awareness to ensure that vulnerable people are protected against the abusive and deceptive behaviour of traffickers.


We inform consumers about how trafficking impacts the supply chains of businesses world-wide. We equip and empower consumers to change their buying habits and campaign for change. We advocate for business to take action to prevent the harm and abuse associated with human trafficking.


We gather and analyse information from individuals and stakeholders on how and where trafficking is taking place. We share this knowledge generously in order to enable effective prevention of human trafficking. We seek to end the abuse and harm of buying and selling people in our lifetime.

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