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Get the Good Eggs


We are asking for a living income for farmers and their families

What to look for and how the supply chain works

The good chocolate and map it's location so others can find good chocolate.

A Good Egg and play your part in ending human trafficking and child labour

Would you pay $0.15 more for 100gm of chocolate so a farmer can receive a living income?

What is Modern Slavery ... and how can I be part of ending it?

With Australia introducing a Modern Slavery Act, more and more people are seeking to understand this crime and their part in preventing it.

This 10 minute module dispels the myths, defines the issue and points to ways forward.

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Australia has a Modern Slavery Act which requires business and other large corporate entities to report on what they are doing to address slavery in their supply chains.

This module uses the experience of business leaders to point to what you can do to prepare you business and develop a business case to address the requirements.

To download the team guide please click here